Aimee’s training diary – part two 

The last two weeks have seen some interval training, instead of just long straightforward runs.
I was looking forward to the interval training as it was something different and also I know it’s a good way to burn calories!  There is a reason for this, as I was soon to find out: it is 
so hard!
My first set consisted of 30 seconds’ fast (sprinting) and then two minutes’ recovery, which I repeated eight times. By sprint five I wanted to cry; I was shattered but I got through it and managed to do all eight before crawling home again. Worse was to come: tempo running! 
Tempo is a sustained cruise pace, it should be mildly uncomfortable but sustainable. The first lot consisted of five minutes’ steady running and then five minutes’ tempo running, repeated three times. Again, by round three I was close to tears. I am not a fast runner; I like my pace but again I made my way all the way through and was proud of myself for it. The interval runs will make my overall pace quicker and will make me stronger. Although I feel sick doing them I know that they are worth the effort!
We completed our long runs at the weekend and I busted out 10 miles in 1hr 45 mins! I was very proud of that, it was a strong 10 miles and I very much enjoyed it (as well as burning over 1000 calories before breakfast!).
Last week went a bit sideways; after a weekend away and some change with hubby’s work we left our training until the end of the week. This turned out to be a mistake. We did 1hr 45 min run and then some more tempo running on Friday (cue tears and sickness) but come Saturday we were both shattered and void of enthusiasm and energy so made the decision to listen to what our bodies were saying and rest up for the weekend. 
We are back on form now and are looking forward to a 50 minute run on Monday morning; this coming Sunday sees a 2hr 10 min run. I am hoping to complete as near to a half marathon in that time as I can: watch this space!