Euthanasing Your Guinea Pig


Euthanasia is a term used for being put to sleep or destroyed.

If your vet says “it might be kinder to have your guinea pig put to sleep” be sure it is for the right reason. It could be that the guinea pig has an irreversible condition which is causing great pain and suffering. The wrong reason would be because the clinician (health professional) is unsure of the diagnosis or treatment.

If you have any doubt whatsoever, please get a second opinion from a specialist vet or Rodentologist.

The “Right” and the “Wrong” way

It is customary to put the guinea pig in a box where there is a line to the gas (usually Isoflurane). A lid is put on the box. The gas is used for anaesthetising guinea pigs for surgery. The guinea pig should be unconscious before he is given the lethal injection which is more effective if administered into the heart. With the correct procedure, he will know nothing about it. Most veterinary practices will allow the owner to be with the animal until the end, unless it is thought not to be in the owners interest.

The guinea pig SHOULD NOT be given the lethal injection without initially being anaesthetised which is one benefit of being present at the time.

Last but not least…..Try to think about all the happy times you shared and about the love and care you gave your little pet and what he/she gave you in return. Think about the famous line “better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”. Lastly, just remember that none of us are immortal.

We do have a facility to sponsor a hutch at April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue to remember your guinea pig in a special way.