Dental Care for your Guinea Pig

There are a many dental issues possible in guinea pigs.

Because Guinea pigs teeth grow throughout their lives, many dental problems can be avoided by regular abrasive food, like dry feed, pellets, hay and gnawing toys and apple twigs.


To keep the teeth trimmed, It is vital that your guinea pig munches as much as possible, especially good quality hay off the floor, in a rack.  We do not want to hear about people who put hay in or dry food in once a day – NOT GOOD ENOUGH! It must be there ALL THE TIME!!


Signs and Symptoms of Dental Abnormalities

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Leaving favourite fruit or veg untouched
  3. Laborious eating and twitching of the ears
  4. Dropping food and slobbering
  5. Nodding whilst trying to eat
  6. Front of lower back teeth meeting and trapping the tongue (you can feel this with your index finger)



An examination by a Rodentologist or experienced vet followed by corrective dentistry.