Guinea pigs are by nature a colony animal and you should therefore endeavour to pair up your guinea pig with a compatible match. Anecdotally, some guinea pigs are what can only be described as “upset” at losing their friend: in some cases not eating, facing the corner of the hutch and appearing to be depressed (reminder – illness nearly always comes across as ‘depression’ so be careful). However, matching up guinea pigs is not always as simple as it sounds.

Introduction facilities using our Match Pig Information – 2019

If you are unsure about pairing up your guinea pigs, we run a guinea pig introduction service via MatchPig to find and pair your single pig with a new forever friend. Normally you only get one opportunity to pair up guinea pigs properly and sometimes, due to inexperience, matches attempted by owners are abandoned too soon and the guinea pigs become ‘ruined’ for any further attempts. We have an extremely high success rate and have introduced literally hundreds of guinea pigs over the years.

Depending on the type of introduction – adopting a single pig from the charity, a re-introduction of previously fighting pigs or simply doing the hard work for you with your own piggies – please email for the relevant application form.