Aimee’s training diary

Aimee LovejoyIn anticipation of the proper training starting in January, myself and hubby (who is also running the LM) decided to start getting our running and fitness a bit sharper. We spent November getting up at 5am and running three times a week – mostly 2 miles or 5k’s – but as December came and went (and so did various Christmas parties) we weren’t as dedicated as we perhaps could have been!

However, on Jan 5th and in line with our training plan from the London Marathon magazine, we donned our gear and set the alarm for 5am to head out the door for a 20 minute run.

We have been running four times a week for five weeks now and the runs have been getting steadily longer; that first week culminated in a 1 hour run on the Sunday but four weeks on that was 1 hour 30 mins and I managed to run nearly 8.5 miles, I was very happy with that!

My running is getting stronger, I am getting fitter and this morning saw me run a 10.05 minute mile! I am very happy with the way training is going and this week sees some interval training begin so that will be fun to do. I shall let you all know how I get on next week!