Guinea pig shop


Our on-site shop is open every day, 10am – midday and stocks food, hay, health items and range of treats, toys and gifts. All proceeds go directly to support the charity.

Alongside our usual stock we have a bargain bucket full of second-hand items (kindly donated by our supporters) at bargain prices.  Second-hand indoor cages are also sometimes available.


  • Quality hay from our local farmer by the sack or bale, with nice long strands to aid grinding down of teeth!
  • Dry food (currently stocking ‘Wagg’, ‘Mr Johnsons’ muesli, ‘Excel’ and ‘Selective’ nuggets).
  • ‘Readigrass’ dried grass, Excel and other types of supplementary forage, treat sticks and bags.


  • Alongside hay by the bag or bale we also stock Dengie Medibed and Megazorb.
  • Range of fleece beds and ‘vetbed’ veterinary bedding.


  • Brushes and a range of shampoos including anti-parasite and anti-fungal products.
  • Cage disinfectant spray, anti-mange spray, blowfly strike protection spray.
  • Eyedrops, vetbed veterinary bedding, pocket stethoscope.


  • We sell outdoor and indoor hutches that are designed to fall within the RSPCA guidelines of a pair guinea pigs having access to an 8sq ft enclosure.  Tip – we usually undercoat and top gloss our hutch floors to prevent urine seeping into the wood and maintain good hygiene when cleaning.
  • Our grass runs have an easy-access lid, protected ends and low sides so it is easy for one person to climb in and lift on their own. Tip – runs should be moved (lifted rather than dragged) daily onto fresh grass.
  • For indoor use, we also stock large (4ft x 2ft) indoor cages, complete with nesting area, climbing shelf, 2 dishes and water bottle.
  • Also for indoor use, large (114cm diameter) pop-up hexagonal fabric runs with zip on base, mesh top, side pockets and bottle holder.


  • Our plastic carriers with detachable front door are handy not just for transporting pets to appointments, but also when moving them to and from their run, and even as a floored hidey-house in their run/enclosure.


  • Range of water bottles, bottle attachments, food dishes and hay manger.
  • Log arches, pigloo hidey-houses, wooden step-up toy, tunnels, balls, chews and treats.
  • Fleecy beds/cosy sacks.
  • ‘Snugglesafe’ microwaveable heat pad (providing up to 10hrs warmth for when it’s cold).
  • ‘Scratch & Newton’ freezable ice pod (to help prevent heat exhaustion when it’s warm).


GUINEA PIGGY BANK in Dutch, Silver, Self, Multi, Black and White

Dutch money box Silver money box Red self money box Multi money box  Black and white money box

GUINEA PIG FACE EGG CUP in Dutch, Silver, Self, Multi, Black and White

Dutch egg cup Silver egg cup Self red egg cup Multi egg cupBlack and white egg cup

GUINEA PIG WITH EGG CUP ON SIDE in Dutch, Multi, Black and White

Dutch body egg cup Multi body egg cup Black and white body egg cup

GUINEA PIG SALT AND PEPPER POTS in Dutch, Silver, Self, Multi, Multi 2, Black and White

Dutch salt and pepper set Silver salt and pepper set Self red salt and pepper set salt-and-pepper-tri-colour-150x150Multi salt and pepper set Black and white salt and pepper set

THE APRIL LODGE MUG – Standard size, with our cute charity logo embellished on both sides and gift-boxed.

APRIL LODGE KEY RING – Useful keyring with the charity logo on one side and our contact details on the reverse.

GUINEA PIG BOOKS – Endearing hardback books, featuring rescue guinea pigs playing starring roles. With a full colour picture at the turn of every page, these are a must for all guinea pig lovers, young or old!

shop-book-guinea-nativity shop-book-guinea-oliver-twist shop-book-guinea-pride-and-prejudice shop-book-guinea-romeo-and-juliet