Retirement Home



Hi, I’m Carole. I started assisting Val one morning a week back in February 2008.

I was initially referred to her by the Cambridge Cavy Trust when I needed someone to have a look at my poorly g-p, Parsley.

I was really impressed by the work Val was doing and as they were short of volunteers, offered to help.

It soon became apparent that there were a lot of older piggies being overlooked for adoption, which in turn were preventing Val taking on more needy pigs.

I offered to take the older pigs to free up cages for Val and April Lodge Retirement Home was set up in HerneBay. Many people retire to HerneBay, so why not guinea pigs?!

I already had a set up for my own piggies in the annexe of our home which included large open pens, central heating and with lots of TLC on tap.

I was determined to let these OAP’s live out the rest of their days in comfort, pampered and loved.

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GP Retirement Home 002