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Open Day update

Thanks everyone for making our 2017 Open Day and Fun Show the best yet.
We took £3160 and after costs, made £2689.

Much needed for vet bills, food, hay, not to mention the two giant industrial bins of soiled bedding, poo and muck which has be taken away every week at a cost of £184 a month.

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Jeepers Squeakers! Newsletter June 2017

Summer is in full swing, and we have lots of guinea pig stories and news to share with you. Read Jeepers Squeakers! June 2017 newsletter online (pdf).

Guinea pigs for adoption and foster

We have lots of lovely guinea pigs looking for loving homes. Meet our guinea pigs!

Hot weather alert

Piggies can die if they are not kept cool in hot weather. We strongly advise not putting them out until later in the day when it is cooler and ensuring they have shade and fresh water. For more advice including what to do in an emergency, see caring for guinea pigs in summer.

April Lodge Open Day & Fun Show 2016

IMG_2442We’re excited to announce that this year’s April Lodge Open Day and Fun Show will take place on 7th August 2016, at our home in Eastry, Kent.

Further details will follow but please do mark your diaries for this important event. We’re looking forward to welcoming friends, supporters, former residents, and all April Lodge fans!

More information and photos from our 2015 Open Day and 2014 Open Day to find out more.


Hope to see you there!


Aimee’s 10k for April Lodge!

At the finish lineAs some of you may remember, the amazing Aimee Lovejoy ran the London Marathon last year for April Lodge and was able to raise a fantastic amount for April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue.

She has set a new challenge: running the 2016 Brighton 10k! Aimee says: “now we both want to raise even more for this little fantastic charity that does brilliant work for unwanted piggies, a subject close to both our hearts as we own a rescue pig and Beany is the best little piggy going!”

“This year, the distance is a little less but we both have personal goals that we’d like to beat in this  10k. Most of all we would just like your support to help us raise even more funds for April Lodge!”

You can find out more, and support Aimee at


Freddy’s story

What a start in life…..

October 2015

We can only guess at the first few hours of Freddy’s life but, either way, at only a day old poor little Freddy found himself in the jaws of a cat, being marched down a residential road on a dark October night. Luckily a lady managed to remove him from the mouth of the cat and called us. We scrambled the April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue van and rushed to his aid.


Goodness knows how the cat got him. Did he escape on his own? Did he have brothers and sisters who also escaped but weren’t so lucky? We will never know. The lady who found him asked up and down the neighbouring streets but no-one kept guinea pigs so we’re none the wiser.

He was immediately taken to Jo (one of our long standing volunteers and owner of nine guinea pigs already). But as a newborn, he needed his mum’s milk. Thanks to our Facebook page, a local lady whose sow had recently lost her babies kindly loaned her girl to us as a wet nurse. It started well but after a while the sow started kicking Freddy off and nipping him. Jo had to take over and began syringe feeding him.

Freddy head tiltFast forward a few weeks and despite his traumatic start in life, Freddy is well and thriving and has become quite a star with regular updates provided on our Facebook page and twitter.  He’s well on his way to being our new mascot! The trauma of being galloped through the dark streets in the jaws of death has left him with a permanent head tilt. Nothing to worry about our vet says but it has given him a very cute inquisitive look. He’s also developing the most fabulous and noisy personality – an all round survivor obviously. Because he’s being hand reared, Jo has fallen completely in love with him (of course) so he will stay with her forever.

Freddy teaspoon

beside a teaspoon, that’s how little he is!

Freddy has become such a star and has so many fans that he has consulted his diary and agreed to make a visit to the April Lodge Shelter on Friday 11 December between 10 – 12 to greet anyone who’d like to meet him.

Freddy in mug

Freddy – our new mascot


Colin the champ!

Champion Colin, owned by Carol JohnsonColin was one of four young boars that came to April Lodge approximately two years ago  as unwanted pets.  The four were split into pairs and Carol Johnson, who had already adopted two boys from us, adopted Colin along with his friend Russell.

Carole put a huge amount of effort into their care and handling, returning for regular health-checks in our on site clinic. Carol had not been to any of our previous annual Open Days as her mobility is limited, but she was overjoyed at winning ‘Best Longhair’ with one of her other guinea pigs and finally ‘Best In Show’ with Colin!