Guinea pigs for adoption

To find out more about adopting or fostering a rescue guinea pig, please read our adoption and foster care pages before contacting us.

We like to talk to new adopters about their previous experience and requirements. Many pigs may be too large for younger children for example. Or they may have specific grooming needs, be higher maintenance than others, need more handling, have a tendency to bite (although this is rare, it’s not unheard of so we always advise that pigs like this should have adult owners). These factors should all be considered when selecting a guinea pig rather than just going for the cutest.

Our Facebook page shows more current admissions and back stories with regular updates.  Some of our pigs available for adoption are shown below.  Please get in touch for the very latest information on who is available.

Please note that we are not a pet shop, and adopters are only approved after our vetting process.

Pebbles and Forest

Pebbles is a grey and white long haired sow (born Sept 2016) and Forest is a ginger/chocolate rex (born June 2016).

Poppy and Nigel

poppy and nigel Poppy is a one year old sow, Nigel is a three year old boar.

Jordan and Marmalade

IMG_20171111_112107[1] Marmalade (left) is a tri-colour longhaired sow. She is paired with Jordan (right) a ginger and white boar.

Halo and Bamboo

IMG_20171111_113016[1] Bamboo on the left is an Agouti, cream and white boar born in 2015. His companion is Halo, a Crested, mostly white (with some black) boar, also born in 2015.  These gorgeous boys were admitted to us on 7 October and are now lice-free, wormed and ready for a new home.

Fly Boy and Ollie

IMG_20171111_113316[1] Olly (left) is a mostly-black boar, born in 2016. His companion Fly Boy is a tri-colour longhaired boar, also born in 2016.

Lucas and Puddle

IMG_20171111_114334[1] Puddle on the left is a cream, grey and white boar born in 2015. His companion on the right, Lucas is a white and ginger agouti boar born in 2015.

Mia and Freya

IMG_20171111_114722[1] Freya on the left is a cream/white/black sow born in 2015. Mia is a cream and white agouti sow born in 2013.

Chino and Mocha


Chino is a white and brown boar, Mocha is a brown and ginger boar, both were born in December 2016. Their very sad owner brought them to us when she moved and was not allowed to take all her pigs with her.

Danny and Cinammon

Danny and Cinammon

Handsome Danny with the impressive quiff is a tri-colour boar born in October 2016. Having been seperated from his previous companion due to fighting, he has now been paired with (Pinky’s baby son) Cinammon who was born on 30 June.