Guinea pigs for adoption

*****COVID-19 UPDATE***** (JANUARY 2021)
Due to lockdown restrictions, we can’t do any adoptions until these are eased. This is because we must conduct face to face (not virtual) home checks which are impossible at the moment.

In the meantime, there are fuller details of our adoption criteria on the application form so you can make plans.

You MUST complete an adoption form and MEET ALL THE CRITERIA. Your application won’t be considered if you can’t meet the criteria, the main points being:-
1. Guinea pigs must be housed in the house (not a shed or garage)
2. No young children (preferably 10+)
3. You must meet the minimum criteria for size of cage

Please do not apply to adopt if these can’t be met. If you do not meet the criteria or are out of our area we will be unable to respond.
Once lockdown has eased, we will only be able to proceed if we have an available home visitor in your area.
Thank you for your continued support..😊