Guinea pigs for adoption

To find out more about adopting or fostering, please read our adoption and foster care pages before contacting us.

Our catchment area is most of East Kent as we must conduct home visits. Please ask if you think you may be out of our catchment area as we may still have visitors in your town.

Please note that available guinea pigs can only be seen by appointment after the adoption process has started as we have limited volunteers and time to show on spec visitors around.

We like to talk to new adopters about their previous experience and requirements. Many pigs may be too large for younger children for example. Or they may have specific grooming needs, be higher maintenance than others, need more handling, have a tendency to bite (although this is rare, it’s not unheard of so we always advise that pigs like this should have adult owners). These factors should all be considered when selecting a guinea pig rather than just going for the cutest.

We definitely advise asking us BEFORE you buy any cage or hutch as most of those sold in pet shops simply aren’t suitable – despite what the sales staff may tell you! We’d hate for you to buy something that may not fit our criteria so please……ask us first.

Once we have your adoption application form and have started a dialogue with you we can discuss the type of pigs you might be interested in and we can take it from there. We have bonded boys, bonded girls and neutered boys with girls together; long haired, short haired and all different coat and colour types….

Please note that we are not a pet shop, and adopters are only approved after our vetting process. Here are just some of our piggies that need new homes. We have many, many more….!


IMG_20181015_lucas_and_puddle.jpgLucas and Puddle (boars, born 2015) Do you love food?  If so, we have something in common.  We especially love and get very excited about breakfast. So if you like to party at breakfast-time, we are the pigs for you.

IMG_20181015_spike_and_truffle.jpgTruffle and Spike (boars)

Note – we have so many more piggies available than this but it’s impossible to keep the website updated as they come and go on a weekly basis.