Guinea Pigs and exercise

We worry about guinea pigs that do not go into a grass run for natural fodder (grass), exercise and frolicking.  It is not natural to spend their whole lives, or the majority of their time, in a confined space. We hear of people who only put them out “on good days”……well, that narrows it down a bit. Or people that only put them out “if the grass is dry” which really is not enough.
If they are living in an indoor cage, an indoor designated area or an indoor run (or even an outdoor run indoors) should be used. They can get bored an miserable when constantly in a cage or hutch and you can enhance their lives considerably by ensuring they come out of their cage for play and exercise providing toys, tunnels, cardboard boxes, crispy paper bags with hay inside, food to look for, etc.
If the run is secure from foxes and they have a snug, protected area with a dry floor, there is no reason why they cannot go out every day unless we are having adverse weather conditions (adverse can include abnormally high temperatures as well as low).  The protected end of the run should be facing the wind.


Guinea pigs that may not be suitable for going out every day are the elderly, infirm, heavily pregnant, newborn, nursing or unwell. Or those who live indoors during the winter in which case a designated area or indoor run would be suitable.

If you do not want to put them out because YOU do not want to move the run, sort out the nest box, replenish the water, collect the guinea pigs from the hutch and put them in the run, securing the lid or YOU are ‘too busy’ we would advise maybe guinea pigs are not suitable pets for you.