Adoption procedure

Our criteria has changed since Covid-19 lockdown so we advise getting in touch first before buying cages or runs or completing an application form.

Our new criteria means that we can only consider letting piggies go to indoor homes/cages (sorry -not sheds or summer houses) and homes with older children (over 10 years old).

There are several reasons for this – indoors piggies are easier to care for because they get used to family noises, become more confident and are on hand for cuddles. Plus you can spot when they are sick better than if they were kept outside. Also, most of our rescue piggies started off as pets for younger children and unfortunately they usually lose interest after a few months and that’s when the piggies suffer. We know from experience that older children usually take the responsibility more seriously.

So if you want to give piggies a loving indoors home and you are an adult or have older children, then please get in touch. We have so many needing a new start in life. We suggest you ask our advice on suitable accommodation FIRST as without a suitable sized home for the guinea pigs, an adoption is unable to proceed. We have to adhere to the RSPCA criteria on this so must ensure our adopters do too and we often advise even larger housing, especially for boars. So please ask us BEFORE buying a cage/hutch so you aren’t disappointed.