April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue operates a long term fostering scheme.  This scheme was designed to help find homes for guinea pigs not suitable for adoption and to free up spaces for those who are.

Many of our rescues are here a long time before we can find them the right home. So long, in fact, that they often then become “too old” to adopt. Instead of adoption, we may qualify them for long term fostercare.

Each guinea pig is judged individually, and they qualify for long term fostercare if they are aged and/or have a manageable abnormality.

  • There is no adoption fee
  • April Lodge will cover all medical and veterinary care, but this MUST be with our own vet
  • 10% off products purchased from April Lodge
  • 50% off boarding fees
  • Free regular health checking for life

Foster carers will need to bring all long term foster guinea pigs back to April Lodge regularly (quarterly is ideal) for welfare checking. If, for whatever reason, the foster carer is unable to carry on caring for them, April Lodge will take on their continued care.

 Our expectations

We would like our foster carers to live within a 10 mile radius of April Lodge in Eastry and to have recent knowledge of guinea pigs.  We would expect the guinea pigs on long term foster care to live indoors, in the warm, where there is lots of interaction with you, and they can be given medication/treatment if needed. We hope our foster carers will be able to provide accommodation, a suitable exercise area, bedding, veg, fruit, dry feed and equipment.

Guinea pigs assigned to long term fostercare need to be kept comfortable, with lots of TLC, knowing that they can live out their days in comfort and with the best care.

Email us for a fostercare application form to


poppy and nigel

Poppy (sow, born 2017) and Nigel (boar, born 2015)