All proceeds from our Boarding service goes directly to April Lodge , enabling us to carry on our animal rescue work in the local community.

When you go on holiday make sure you leave your guinea pig in the hands of the experts. The welfare of our guinea pigs is of paramount importance to us.  If you board your guinea pigs with us, you can be assured of the same uncompromising treatment.

Everyone who loves their pets wants the best for them whilst on holiday. April Lodge provides a premier service, air-conditioned, low cost, boarding facility. We are proud to say all the proceeds from pet boarding go directly to the charity to help us continue our work with rescue guinea pigs.


  • Guinea pig accommodation is a light, airy, double glazed, a 30ft secure, insulated, timber building with adjoining clinic.
  • The building is fully air-conditioned to keep the guinea pigs at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • The visiting guinea pigs have a taste of what it is like living in a colony, with the smells, sounds and sights of other guinea pigs. But don’t worry, they cannot get to each other!
  • Following an early breakfast and a nap, they then go into secure, protected, grass playpens to munch and frolic about for a few hours (weather permitting)
  • Access to 24/7 expert care and attention
  • A FREE Health and Welfare Check included in the package for your guinea pig including weighing, nail clipping, basic grooming and a thorough check for any obvious abnormalities

Daily Routine

  • Breakfast at 8.30am with a minimum of four different veggies and fruits
  • Nap after breakfast
  • Access to secure, protected grass playpens and runs
  • Later, if weather has permitted them to go out, they are brought back into a secure and cosy hutch made up with fresh farm hay bedding, chemical colourant free dry feed and fresh water bottles
  • “Lights out” is around 7pm as we are back at 8.30am with fresh vegetables for breakfast

Spa Treatments

We now offer optional spa treatments. This includes a massage in a blend of oils including lavender, lemongrass and patchouli, mixed with an almond carrier oil, followed by a bath with a soothing gentle shampoo and blow dry.



“I know my guineas are very well cared for at April Lodge. It’s reassuring to know that they’re in such experienced hands and will get a thorough health check. I’m also grateful for the advice that Val gives.” (Janet, Canterbury, Kent)

“I always board our boys at April Lodge as they get wormed, mange prevention and their nails clipped at the same time”  (Corinne, Birchington, Kent)

“We are absolutely thrilled with the spa treatments our guinea pigs, Mopsy and Maggot, received while boarding at April Lodge in July. This included a massage with lavender, lemon grass and patchouli with an almond carrier oil. These were left on overnight for maximum effect. The result being two beautifully soft, silky, chilled out, laid back guinea pigs who smelt gorgeous and who can’t wait to go back for another session! Thanks again” (Lynda)


 Price list

Please note: Price per day for holiday boarding is double for bank holidays and Christmas Day.

Booking line: 01304 617075 or 07790 684 888

Service Price
Holiday boarding for one guinea pig £4 per day
Holiday boarding for two guinea pigs sharing one hutch £8 per day
Holiday boarding for every guinea pig thereafter £4 per day
Spa treatment £16 per guinea pig
Shampoo and blow dry £6 per guinea pig
Hair clipping £5 per guinea pig
Clip, shampoo and blow dry £11 per guinea pig
Spa treatment and hair clip £21 per guinea pig