Aimee’s training diary – part three

We are now entering the four busiest weeks in terms of training volume; this is terrifying as well as exciting and good practice for April 26th!

My 2 hr 10 min run went really well: I was hoping to complete 13.1 miles and hit that half marathon mark but that Sunday was so windy and slowed me down by about 15 seconds per mile. The result was that I fell short by a mile but I still ran 12.1 miles that day. This took its toll on my knees which decided to cramp up the minute I stopped moving for longer than 30 seconds. This was a bit of a shock when I stopped to cross the road and waited for the traffic; getting going again must have been amusing to watch and I am sure my facial expressions were quite amusing ! Luckily I wasn’t far from home and able to head back and collapse into the bath!

The interval training has got a little easier and I found comfort in talking to somewhat of a running expert recently (who is hoping to complete this year’s marathon in 2 hrs 20 mins) who said that he even finds Tempo running a bit difficult. This is because finding a speed between your marathon pace and a sprint is so hard to do; however, I feel like I’m getting there and there have certainly been no more tantrums by the side of the road!

Last week saw an easier week with just a little 7 mile jaunt on Sunday and I suppose this lets your legs recover somewhat. It also culminated with our first sports massage which was HEAVENLY and has really helped sort my legs out: they are raring to go again.

This Sunday is 2 hrs 30 mins; I have a 14 mile route planned out and am hoping for a less windy day. I am being strict on my diet to make sure that I am fueling well for these runs and we are building up now to our longest run on Easter Sunday of 3 hrs 25 mins. Hopefully that’s only an hour or so less than the time I am hoping to achieve on the day.

Thank you so much for all the donations so far, I absolutely love the ones that have come in from guinea pigs themselves – who knew the little critters were UK tax payers and could claim Gift Aid? See, piggies really are the best pets!

If you are able to donate I would really appreciate it; I have already reached my initial £300 target but I am going to keep pushing and see if I can reach £1000!