The June 2014 issue of Jeepers Squeakers is out now!

June 2014

The June edition of our newsletter, Jeepers Squeakers! is out now. Read the issue online at: Jeepers Squeakers, June 2014


Heidi, prize-winning piggy!

Highlights in this issue include:

The Open Day is coming! Our 10th annual Open Day and Fun Show. This year it is on site at April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue, from 10am on Saturday 3rd August.

A host of advice and tips about helping your guinea pigs to cope with the summer weather, from avoiding bloat and flystrike, to coping with heat exhaustion.

Our next mission: following the success of the campaign to raise money for our new shelter, our next challenge is to raise money to replace the secondary building, a refurbished garage which will soon reach the end of its useful life. Watch this space for further updates!

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