£1,000 donation from Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue has received a donation of £1,000 from the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, to help meet the cost of veterinary care for rescued guinea pigs.

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust’s objectives are to support UK registered charities which benefit or protect animals, relieve animals from suffering, conserve wildlife and encourage the understanding of animals. April Lodge is pleased to work in partnership with this organisation, whose values align so closely with ours.

April Lodge has a network of volunteers which support the work of the main Rescue Centre in Eastry, Kent, and ensures that emergency cases are never turned away. All guinea pigs suitable for adoption are rehomed to carefully-screened adopters and support is available from April Lodge to ensure that rescued guinea pigs have the best possible care in the future.

Val Savage, founder of April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue, said: “We are hugely grateful to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for this very generous donation. Many of the guinea pigs rescued by April Lodge arrive in need of veterinary care, and it is vital that we give them the medical attention that they need. This donation will help us to meet our medical costs, and ensure that we are able to devote more of our resources to helping guinea pigs in need”.

For more information email aprillodgeguinea@aol.com.