The September issue of ‘Jeepers Squeakers!’ is out now!

September 2016

The September edition of our newsletter, Jeepers Squeakers! is out now. Read the September issue of Jeepers Squeakers! online.

Hug?Highlights in this issue include:

New building: After many months working with architects and planning, in July we got the go ahead and knock down the small, drafty and rather shabby part of the shelter which was originally a concrete panel garage. We plan to replace this 50 year old structure with a larger, better insulated (against summer heat as well as winter cold) building with more organised storage and altogether better facilities for the piggies in need.

Open Day and Fun Show: The sun shone, the crowds came, guinea pigs competed in the Fun Show and the Agility Arena and at last count you helped us raise over £3,000!

Volunteer profiles: Meet two of our amazing volunteers, Lorraine and Audra, and find out why they give up their time to help piggies in need.

Handling: Find out how to turn a furry ball of squeaking fury into a compliant, cuddly piggy, in just a few easy steps!

Find out more about our fundraising events coming up, including our Hallowe’en Race Night Saturday 29 October at

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