This condition can range from cow-pat consistency droppings to a very urgent case of black watery poo.

What to do about diarrhoea: for regular cow-pat consistency poops, stop all fruit and veg for a while, give one Immodium instant directly onto the tongue. For more serious diarrhoea, stop all veg, give one Buscopan from the chemist, daily for two days, crushed with a little water to relax the gut. Give a probiotic from the vet until the poops have started to firm up. Offer hay and dry feed only. Give a pinch of Diarolyte mixed with water and syringed in or the vet can give sub-cut fluids. Diarrhoea is very dehydrating. Rehydrating him will buy you time. Other causes can include:

Internal parasites, for which we would give an intensive worming course, 0.2mls valbzen or Panacur for 10 days depending on the strength or an internal fungal infection for which we would administer Itrafungol at 0.5mls twice daily for 10 days, a 3 day break, then repeat the course if necessary. You may like to have a sample sent off to a lab for analysis for a more definitive diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Prognosis for diarrhoea : good if caught in time and monitored indoors throughout the treatment.

Prevention of diarrhoea: less veg. More hay. No fruit or tomatoes, lots of clean drinking water and exercise.