Pre-Neutering Health Check

At least try to introduce your boar to another boar before deciding on castration. It seems to be love or hate with this gender but to get 2 boars living happily together is far better than going through castration. Anaesthetic and guinea pigs do not go well together and there is also the cost which seems to vary between £40 and £120 each.

We often have single boars which we would be happy to try to introduce to your boar.


We have had hundreds of boars neutered. Our high success rate is based on research at the rescue centre.

1) We do not normally get our boars castrated until they are around a year old or around 1 kilogram in weight and up to 2yrs old.  We like them to be in optimum health prior to the surgery.

2) A typical pre-castration check would include checks on the heart and respiration, through a stethoscope. If there are any abnormalities we would not put the boar in for castration.  We would try to rectify the problem and perhaps try again at a later date. If you put a boar in for castration with heart or breathing abnormalities, you are putting his life in danger.

3) Talk to your vet about the procedure.  Hopefully he has done lot’s before, not cats and dogs, but guinea pigs.  If he doesn’t want to talk about it, I would go elsewhere.

4)  You need the vet to know –

A pre-med should not be used

The mouth should be cleaned out prior to surgery

The minimum amount of gas used is normally Isoflurane

The painkiller should be administered 20 minutes before the surgery

The suchering material normally used is Vicryl

He should be back on his feet and eating within 10 minutes of the surgery.

5)  The boars testicles contain fat pads.  There are different views on whether the fat pads should be removed during surgery.  If they are removed the chance of a post castration abscess is reduced but the chance of a hernia occurring is increased. We now leave the fat pads in place, as a hernia following neutering is normally fatal and very unpleasant for all.  A post castration abscess is treatable.

6)    Everything else about him should be in order

He should have bright, clear eyes

No unidentifiable lumps

Be eating, drinking, pooping and weeing normally

And have a good appetite