Guinea pig sponsorship

The guinea pigs on this page are looking for kind people to sponsor them. For various reasons they are unable to be re-homed, usually due to their age or ongoing health issues.

It costs £15 per year to sponsor a single guinea pig. Or £25 a year to sponsor a pair. Please contact us at if you are able to help in any way.

We welcome sponsorship from individuals or groups, eg schools and childrens’ clubs.

Thanking you in advance for your kind support!


Chaos arrived with an untreated ear infection which has left him with a permanent head tilt and a slightly vacant look in his eyes.

We attempted to introduce him to a companion but he didn’t seem to understand what it was about and was therefore aggressive. His head tilt gets considerably worse if he is stressed. So sadly, due to his suspected neurological complications, he is deemed unsuitable for adoption.

Fizzy and Fifi

Fizzy is a very old girl now but she was used for intensive breeding and came to us when her owner went travelling and she was no longer wanted. She was in poor health when she arrived and had clearly not been handled much.

Fifi was handed to us when her owner had to move and could not take any pets with her. So Fifi was paired up with recently bereaved Fizzy and they live in our retirement home.

Firefly and Treacle

Firefly is still relatively young and he came to us as part of a larger group when the owner could no longer cope when a rat infestation threatened the welfare of the guinea pigs. Firefly has issues we have yet to get to the bottom of. He has a head tilt and front leg limp. X rays have revealed this to be a possible birth defect or the result of being dropped. Since being with us we have noticed excessive and erratic drinking but so far, all tests have been inconclusive.

Treacle is one of the oldest residents in the retirement home and has always outlived his companions – so far.

Eve and Lou Lou

Both these girls came to us because they were under constant threat from a Jack Russell terrier so their owner was forced to give them away and they live in our retirement home as they are old ladies now.

Butter, Breeze, Penelope, Delilah, Pickles

Our large colony of old ladies all living happily together in our retirement home.

Butter is probably quite a bit younger than we were told, otherwise she’s the sprightliest 7 year old we’ve come across! She was part of a large rescue when we took on 22 guinea pigs from a collector who could no longer cope.

Breeze came in pregnant but with a severe fungal condition. All seven! of her babies were stillborn and then went on to lose her entire coat which literally peeled off her.

Penelope was given up due to financial difficulties. She is a big, old lady and we suspect she is totally blind.

Delilah and Pickles were handed to us because neither of their owners wanted to get into the cycle of finding them new companions so it made sense that they could come to us and find each other.