Sponsorship Gallery

Thank you for visiting our Sponsorship Gallery!  All of the guinea pigs on this page are looking for kind people to sponsor them. For various reasons they are unable to be re-homed, usually due to their age or ongoing health issues. It costs £2.50 per month to sponsor a guinea pig; less than £5.00 per month to sponsor a pair!

Please contact us on aprillodgesponsorshipscheme@gmail.com if you are able to help in any way.




Chaos arrived with an untreated ear infection which has left him with a permanent head tilt and a slightly vacant look in his eyes.

We attempted to introduce him to a companion but he didn’t seem to understand what it was about and was therefore aggressive. His head tilt gets considerably worse if he is stressed. So sadly, due to his suspected neurological complications, he is deemed unsuitable for adoption.


fudgelilyFudge & Lily

Fudge was handed over to the charity in September 2009 as the owner was giving up guinea pigs after 20 years of owning them.  Fudge had lost her companion and she came to us when the owner didn’t want to keep guinea pigs anymore. She was born in 2009.
She has recently developed an ovarian cyst.
Lily was part of the Canterbury 37.  We estimated her date of birth to be in 2011.  She was a baby when she came to the charity.  She was adopted in 2011 with a companion but lost her companion shortly afterwards.  She was transferred back to the charity and was adopted again in 2014 but the elderly owner became ill.  She was transferred back to the charity again in July 2014. She was teamed up with the bereaved Fudge in August 2014.  We removed a urethral stone in January 2015. Are you able to spare £50 to sponsor these two lovely piggies for one year?

Tulip and ViennaTulip & Vienna

Tulip is an orange and white long-haired Sheltie who unfortunately has an unidentified abdominal ‘mass’. We consider her too old and frail to be put through any surgical procedures and so this sweet girl is receiving palliative care. Her companion is Vienna, who had a very unfortunate start in life.  She was thrown from a railway bridge whilst pregnant. Miraculously, she survived!  She is now too old to be considered for adoption. They are lovely girls who deserve to spend the rest of their days in comfort.